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My name is Marianne Plumridge. I am an artist of mythic fantasy works and fine art images. More of which can be seen at my website, 'MariannePlumridge.com', and also my main Blog, 'Muse du Jour'. These sites are in the links section of this page. This site began life as a painting a day blog in 2007. However that project has now passed, but I still find myself painting in that way. So this site will now be the showcase my new paintings as inspired by those previous efforts.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Born of Light...

"Born of Light"
(Oil, 14x18") Price: $550.00

"Hey! I Need That!"
(Oil, 8x10") Price: $250.00 SOLD

"Ad Astra"
(Oil, 6x11" ?) Price: $115.00

Hello, All,
It has been almost a year since I last posted anything, let alone painted. My dear mother in law, Pauline, died at the end of January 2009 and there was only my husband and I to take care of things. And things did need taking care of on top of our business and personal grief. At that time I also signed a book contract to write "Bob Eggleton's Ice Age America". The research and reading alone on this exercise, is massive. So I've been very busy researching and writing and have found little time to paint until now.

Above is 'Born of Light' which I started last February but didn't finish until now. I have been toying with painting a companion piece to cover the left hand side of the Nebula portrayed. Of course it is one of the many variations of the Orion Nebula. Below that is a recent idea that has spawned further adventures with tin toy robots. This is 'Hey! I Need That' where a cheeky blue bird has pinched the antenna from a passing robot because it is pretty and shiny and will look good in his nest. The tv thingy on the robots chest has suddenly gone fuzzy in 'lost signal' mode. The last, 'Ad Astra', is a revisit to my pointy rockets of the last few years. To start painting again I began with something familiar. Originally this painting was going to be landscape proportioned with the rocket flying left to right. But while I was laying down the first paint, I decided that it would be better as an upright rocket instead. I added the birds because it adds interest to the bottom of the picture and gives it visual weight.

Anyway, there are more to come in future months. In the Fall, look out for a little pumpkins and tin toy robot painting called 'Mechanized Harvest'. Until then, take care.

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