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My name is Marianne Plumridge. I am an artist of mythic fantasy works and fine art images. More of which can be seen at my website, 'MariannePlumridge.com', and also my main Blog, 'Muse du Jour'. These sites are in the links section of this page. This site began life as a painting a day blog in 2007. However that project has now passed, but I still find myself painting in that way. So this site will now be the showcase my new paintings as inspired by those previous efforts.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Day 19

(6x8", Oil) Price: $135.00 SOLD

Here is today's flower...a magnolia.

I had to paint rather a 'quickie' - well for me anyway - so I threw up a photo I took in a friends garden in New Jersey several years ago. I love magnolias almost as much as I love roses. That candle-flame elegance of form is just beautiful.

I managed this painting sandwiched between obligations yesterday. Five colour palette: French Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Yellow Light, Titanium White, and Alizirin Crimson.

See you tomorrow.

PS: Life is taking on the seriously frantic pace of what consists of 'normal' for us, and I'm contemplating holding out doing paintings a day for as long as I can, then back pedalling to two or three a week. I know, it's a cop out, but most male artists have wives who take care of the domesticity so that they can paint in peace. Well, my husband who is a professional, does have that: ME. So, I've got to make some choices or go crazy...


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